Can An App Be Removed From The App Store?

Is Musi still an app?

Rated for users ages 12 and older, the Musi app is available only for iOS devices and is free to download through the App Store.

Musi does however, offer in-app purchases and advertisements.

This app is safe for older teens..

Why do apps get removed from the Play Store?

Another common reason is the developer removes the app. Some developers do this if an app is old, poorly reviewed, or has been replaced by a better application. They might also remove an app if they believe it could cause them legal trouble, like copyright infringement.

What apps did Google remove from the Play Store?

Here is a list of the 38 fraudulent apps that were recently removed from the Google Play Store:Yoriko Camera (1,00,000)Solu Camera (5,00,000)Lite Beauty Camera (1 million)Beauty Collage Lite (5,00,000)Beauty and Filters camera (1 million)Photo Collage and beauty camera (1,00,0000)Gaty Beauty Camera (5,00,000)More items…•

Is Musi a good music app?

Musi – Simple Music Streaming 12+ Musi lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube, build playlists, share music with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPlay enabled device. … With over 1 million daily users, it’s clear that Musi is the best music experience on the App Store.

Do apps get removed at 1 star?

A funny endeavor, but to be clear the App Store does not remove apps on the basis of their star rating. … As a result of the app review crusade, the app currently sits at a 1.7 average rating in the US App Store. Nevertheless, Google Classroom is not going anywhere.

What happens when an app is removed from the App Store?

When apps are removed from the App Store, they are not deleted from your account. Your app name will continue to be associated with your app.

Can an app be removed from play store?

However, your app will be removed after the number of days found in the initial warning email. Once your app is removed, the published version of your app won’t be available on Google Play until you submit a compliant update. If your app has been suspended after receiving a warning, an appeal is required.

How long does it take to remove an app from the App Store?

Usually in 1 hour but max is within 24 hours it will no longer available in app store.

How do you transfer an app that is no longer in the App Store?

Navigate directly to where your phone’s apps are installed (/system/app for system apps and /data/app for user-installed apps.) Copy the application file and paste it to your SD card, or share the app with Dropbox to copy it there.

Why are apps removed from play store?

If your app was recently removed or suspended from Google play store due to following Reason: REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy.

What apps are like Musi?

23 Musi Alternatives & Similar Apps for AndroidLark Player. Lark Player – YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player is a fine tool developed by Mobiuspace Tech Top Player. … iHeartRadio. … Musicolet Music Player. … Musicloud. … Palco MP3. … Audiomack. … … Musixmatch Lyrics Finder.More items…

Can I download music from Musi?

You can download music you’ve purchased or added to Google Play to your mobile device or computer so you can listen when you don’t have an Internet connection. If you subscribe to Google Play Music, you can also download subscription tracks to your mobile device.