How Do I Check My Messages On My Huawei Pocket WiFi?

How do I manage my Huawei pocket WiFi?

View Connected users.

Tap the “More Functions” icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Tap “User Management” from the left panel menu.

The right part of the screen will display the devices or users currently connected to the mobile WiFi device.

From here, you can block a device or a user access to your Wi-Fi..

What is the default username and password for Smart Bro Pocket WiFi?

Type the IP address provided on the product manual (ex. 192.168. 1.1) and then press ‘Enter’. Type your password (default password: smartbro).

How can I connect my Smart Bro Pocket WiFi to my phone?

How To Connect to Your Smart LTE-Advanced Pocket WiFiFor smartphones and tablets: Scan the QR Code. Press the FUNC button 3 times. Press (|) button to select the Wi-Fi QR code function. … For Laptop and other devices:Connect via WiFi settings. Press the FUNC button 2 times. Press (|) button to select the Device Info function.

How can I update my Huawei pocket WiFi?

Check for software updates on your Pocket WiFiFrom the home screen, tap Settings.Scroll to and tap System updates.Tap Update Firmware.If an update is available, follow the prompts to update the system software.Otherwise, tap OK.The handset is now up to date.

How can I reset my Huawei pocket WiFi?

Turn on your Mobile WiFi.Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button for about 2 seconds. Your Mobile WiFi will now restart and be restored to its factory settings.

How do I check messages on my pocket WiFi?

You can send and receive text messages directly from your Pocket WiFi using the online dashboard:Open the Pocket WiFi online dashboard by: Entering 192.168. … Login using the admin password. … Select the ‘SMS’ tab, or ‘Go to Inbox’.Select ‘Inbox’ to access your text messages.

What is the default password of Huawei pocket WiFi?

adminDownload HUAWEI HiLink to manage your Mobile WiFi. You can also manage your Mobile WiFi through the web interface at The default username and password is admin.

How do I setup my pocket WiFi?

How To Set Up Your Pocket WiFiPress and hold the power button. The power button is on the upper left-hand side of the device. … Access SSID and Password. Once the device is on, scroll up to unlock and find the main menu screen with 6 icons. … Connect your device.

How can I know my Smart Bro Pocket WiFi number?

Since visiting website is FREE to use even you don’t have load. This is where you can check your sim-card number, by just going to Smart Bro dashboard and voila your number is displayed on the screen on the upper left corner of the page.

How can I see my Huawei WiFi password?

Open your Internet browser. Enter 192.168. 8.1 in your browser address bar and log in to your router’s web-based management page. Choose Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi Basic Settings to check the current SSID and password.

How can I check my Huawei pocket WiFi balance?

Click the Windows icon and then the Settings icon, and select Network & Internet.Go to Data usage > View usage per app.You are able to check data usage under Usage details for each app on your computer.

What is my Huawei pocket WIFI username and password?

The pre-shared key has been successfully changed.Open a web browser.Type in the address bar, then press Enter on your keyboard.Enter the password. The default password is admin.Click OK.Click Settings.Click WLAN.Click WLAN Settings.Scroll to and highlight WPA pre-shared key.More items…

What is the username and password of Huawei?

Huawei Router Password ListHuaweiModelDefault UsernameDefault PasswordB3000adminadminB593adminadminB593s-22adminadmin101 more rows

What is the best Huawei pocket WiFi?

Best for Fast Downloads: Huawei E5787 The best feature of Huawei’s E5787 is its speed. LTE Cat6 support provides download speeds of up to 300Mbps, making this one of the fastest mobile hotspots you can buy.

How do I check my Huawei WiFi usage?

Press Settings. Press Wireless & networks. Press Data usage. The total data usage is displayed.

How can I access my Smart Bro Pocket WiFi?

To manually connect to the Internet:Open the browser.Type the IP address provided on the product manual (ex. 192.168. … Type the password (default password: \\smartbro\\ )Click Login.Select WAN Connection.Select Manual and choose “Connect Internet”Click Apply to manually apply the changes.

How do I log into my Huawei pocket WiFi?

How do I log in to the HUAWEI HiLink app? Connect your mobile device (phone or tablet) to the HUAWEI network device over Wi-Fi and then open the HUAWEI HiLink app. For Mobile WiFi devices and non-smart routers, the default login password is admin or whatever is written at the bottom of your device.