How Do I Choose A Soldering Iron?

How many watts is a good soldering iron?

Your typical soldering iron is rated between fifteen and twenty-five watts.

Higher wattage soldering iron have more power, thus making them better suited for heavy-duty projects than their low-wattage counterparts..

What is the difference between a soldering iron and a soldering gun?

Conveniently operated with a trigger using one hand, a soldering gun is shaped like a pistol and is used for joining metal surfaces. A soldering iron, which is also used for joining two pieces of metal, is wand-shaped and utilizes a heated metal tip.

How hot is a 30 watt soldering iron?

Input power: 120V AC. Power consumption: 16W~30W. Temperature range: 500°F~800°F (260°C~430°C) Standard Tip: 824.

What is the best temp for soldering?

Turn on the soldering iron and set temperature above the melting point of your solder. 600°-650°F (316°-343°C) is a good place to start for lead-based solder and 650°-700°F (343°-371°C) for lead-free solder. Hold the tip against both the lead and contact point/pad for a few seconds.

Do I need a soldering station?

As soon as you need to work with SMD parts you need a proper soldering station. … Temperature control is important because lead-free solder requires quite high temperatures, especially if your soldering station is cheap and does not maintain good control of the end of the tip temperature.

What is the best type of soldering iron?

The 10 Best Soldering IronsHakko FX888D-23BY Soldering Iron.Anbes Soldering Iron Kit.Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron.Hakko FX601-02 Soldering Iron.TasiHome 110 V 60W Soldering Iron.Weller P2KC Cordless Butane Soldering Iron.Weller SP40NKUS Soldering Iron.Portasol Pro Piezo Cordless Butane Soldering Iron.More items…•

Is 30 watt soldering iron enough?

A 30 watt ‘simple soldering iron’ is okay for modest electronics. Soldering ordinary through hole electronic components and thin (e.g. mm) wire, even the thin metal legs on DC power plugs and sockets, should be fine. A simple iron relies on thermal equilibrium to maintain its temperature.

Is a 60 watt soldering iron good?

Most of soldering irons used in the electronics are in range 20 – 60 Watts. … Soldering irons with higher wattage (40W -60W) are better. It does not mean that soldering irons with higher wattage apply more heat to the solder joint- it means that soldering irons with higher wattage has more power available.

Are cheap soldering irons any good?

Functionally, there is very little difference between a $15 and $80 soldering iron; they work well enough for small jobs (buy a nice iron if you plan on doing a lot of soldering work). An inexpensive fine-tip soldering iron can do fine-pitch work; the tip is generally the limiting factor (cheap tips wear quickly).

Can you use a soldering iron for jewelry?

Because it melts at a low temperature, you can apply soft solder with an electric soldering iron or gun. … Even though jewelry soft solders are similar to rosin-core tin/lead solders used for electronics and acid-core tin/lead solders used for plumbing, you should not substitute these other solders for jewelry solder.

What do I need to start soldering?

The Soldering Tools That Make Your Life EasierSoldering Iron. You can’t do much soldering without a soldering iron. … Wire Cutter. The wire cutter is a very handy little soldering tool. … Soldering Tools For Desoldering. Sometimes you make a mistake. … Tweezers. Tweezers are great. … USB Microscope. … Wet Sponge. … Soldering Stand. … Safety Glasses.More items…•

Are soldering iron tips Universal?

Unless designed by the same manufacturer, soldering iron tips aren’t typically interchangeable. However the procedure of removing and swapping the iron’s tip is generally the same.

What is the best type of solder for electronics?

rosin core solderFor electronics soldering, the most commonly used type is lead-free rosin core solder. This type of solder is usually made up of a Tin/Copper alloy. You can also use leaded 60/40 (60% tin, 40% lead) rosin core solder but it’s becoming less popular due to health concerns.

Can I use Vaseline as flux?

After a few trials of compounding various oils and Vaseline, I discovered what is a good mix and resulting paste flux consistency. … 15% Vaseline. Combine the ingredients at very low heat and pour into a small metal can until it solidifies.

What should I look for when buying a soldering iron?

Here are some things to look for when purchasing a soldering iron:The wattage rating should be between 20 and 50 watts. … The tip should be replaceable. … Although you can buy a soldering iron by itself for under $10, spend a few more dollars and buy a soldering station that includes an integrated stand.More items…

Do you need flux to solder?

It’s ok, if you can do it, but it’s very difficult to solder without flux. The flux breaks down the oxide layers on the metal surfaces and allows the solder to “wet” them. If it doesn’t wet, it doesn’t make a connection. … It’s normally always necessary to use flux when you solder.

How do you use a soldering iron for the first time?

Place the tip of the soldering iron on the material you want to solder, heat it for a second or two. After the second or two bring in the solder to the joint region. Grip the soldering iron at the bottom of the handle as if you are holding a pen. Both items that are being soldered need to be hot to create a good link.