Is City Slicker An Insult?

Is City Slicker offensive?

This term is gently derogatory, particularly when it’s used to comment on how ill-suited someone is to life in the country.

“You city slickers should’ve brought some mud boots,” your country-dwelling uncle might say, looking at your bright white sneakers..

What does a city slicker mean?

City slicker is an idiomatic expression for someone accustomed to a city or urban lifestyle and unsuited to life in the country. The term was typically used as a term of derision by rural Americans who regarded them with amusement.

What do you call a city person?

citizen. noun. someone who lives in a particular town or city.

What are Slickers?

A slicker is a waterproof garment you wear when it’s pouring outside — in other words, a raincoat. … Any kind of raincoat can be called a slicker, but it’s an especially appropriate term for a waxy, smooth garment that repels drops of rain, like the yellow slickers fishermen often wear.