Question: How Do I Get My Telstra Air To Work?

Does Telstra air use my data?

How do I use Telstra Air.

You can access the Telstra Air hotspot network for free if you’re a Telstra mobile or broadband customer, and it won’t count against your monthly data allowance either for mobile or broadband.

But you’ll need to set up your access before you can jump on..

What is WiFi FON?

Fon is the world’s first global wi-fi network and aims to give all its members access to wireless broadband wherever they are in the world. … Sharing your wi-fi with Fon is safe and secure, and you won’t even notice when others are connected because Fon only uses a tiny portion of your bandwidth.

Can’t connect to FON WiFi?

I’m connected to a hotspot on my Fon WiFi app, but I can’t get access to the internet. What can I do? Disconnect from the signal, delete the cookies and temp files of your browser, close all the windows, then connect again to the signal. You can also try using a different browser.

Can’t connect to Telstra air on laptop?

To connect simply go to a hotspot with your computer select Telstra Air Network in your Wi-Fi settings and select connect. Then open a browser and enter your Telstra ID into the prompt that appears then follow the steps to get connected and that’s it, that’s how to register and connect to Telstra Air on your laptop.

Is Telstra air fast?

Some Locations in busier area’s or at Telstra shops are instead set up with a Fibre connection with some locations providing speeds exceeding 100mbps (See below). Hotspots broadcast from residential modems are limited to 2mbps download and 1mbps upload with a user limit of 1 person per hotspot.

Why is Telstra air not working?

Make sure Telstra Air is active on your account. Check this on our Activate and Access the Telstra Air Network page. … Uninstall and reinstall the Telstra Air App. This can often fix the problem.

Who is eligible for Telstra air?

6.1 To become a Telstra Air member you need to be a consumer customer with an eligible Telstra home broadband service connected to a compatible Telstra Home Network Gateway. You also need to have a 13 digit account number. 6.2 Eligible Telstra home broadband services are consumer ADSL, Cable and nbn broadband services.

Can I use Telstra air at home?

Telstra Air at home With Telstra Air, your home broadband can be used to create a home hotspot. Your Telstra Air compatible gateway will broadcast separate Wi-Fi signals for other Telstra Air customers to use. … Telstra Air customers who access your home hotspots won’t be accessing your home broadband allowance either.”

How do I activate Telstra air?

Activate your service. You must activate your service to use Telstra Air. … Find a hotspot. Once you’ve activated your service and you’re near a hotspot, turn on the Wi-Fi on your device and select “Telstra Air” from your Wi-Fi list. … Connect and enjoy. Now you can start enjoying your free data.

Does it cost to use Telstra air?

No there is no cost to activate or use Telstra Air for any customers with a Telstra Fixed ADSL, Cable or NBN connection. You do however have to have a compatible modem (one of the T-Gateway or T-Gateway Max modems), which if you currently do not you might have additional charges in upgrading your modem…

Is Telstra air safe to use?

Yes. Your Telstra-supplied modem keeps your home Wi-Fi signal separate and protected from the Telstra Air network, so your data and information is not accessible to Telstra Air users. … Telstra Air hotspots are open and unsecured.

How many devices can use Telstra air?

three devicesYou can use Telstra Air on up to three devices at any one time. Check you have no more than three devices using the network.

Can Boost customers use Telstra air?

Boost Mobile does not have access to the whole Telstra network. … Boost mobile customers don’t have access to free Telstra Air and Fon Hotspots and access to free sports streaming..

Is Telstra air free to use?

Telstra Air® is Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network. If you’re an eligible Telstra customer you can connect for free to over 1 million Telstra Air® hotspots across Australia, and millions of Fon hotspots overseas. You can connect using your smart phone, mobile device or laptop.