Question: Where Do Crepe Myrtles Grow Best?

How can I make my crepe myrtle grow faster?

Feed your crape myrtle a fertilizer heavy in nitrogen in spring.

The nutrient is known to encourage growth.

A six-year U.S.

Forest Service study of eucalyptus-tree growth in Hawaii found that trees fed with nitrogen fertilizer were more than twice as tall as untreated trees during the first three years of growth..

Where is the best place to plant crepe myrtles?

Crape myrtle grow and flower best in full sun. A little shade is tolerated, however the best flowering occurs with at least 6 hours or more of direct sunlight per day. The more sun the better!

Can you plant crepe myrtles close to the house?

As a general rule of thumb, plant crape myrtles of this mature size a minimum of 8 to 10 feet from a building wall, and farther if you can. This spacing gives the plant room to expand to its full size. It will naturally tend to grow away from the wall and toward the light.

What is the best fertilizer for crape myrtles?

To maximize spring growth and summer bloom, gardeners should fertilize their crape myrtles in early spring just prior to new growth. Fertilizers like 8-8-8, 10-10-10, 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 will work fine and are ideal for crape myrtles but you shouldn’t go over board.

Do crepe myrtles die in the winter?

Crape myrtles go dormant during every winter. During the dormant stage crapes will lose all their leaves and look like a dead tree. … Some will start leafing out early if you have a some late warm winter weather.

How far apart should I plant crepe myrtles?

To create a look where the canopies of the plants will grow together and provide shade, plant Medium Crape Myrtles 6′-10′ apart, and Standard (Tree) Crape Myrtles 8′-12′ apart. For a more individual plant look, plant Dwarfs 10′ apart and Standards 15′ apart.

How do you grow a crape myrtle tree?

Soil need not be rich or amended; crepe myrtle trees are adaptable to most soils except those that are soggy. Sunlight and well-draining soil afford a wealth of summer blooms and help keep pests away. Newly planted crepe myrtles should be well-watered until roots are established and are then mostly drought tolerant.

What is the most cold hardy crape myrtle?

Among the hardiest of crape myrtle varieties are cultivars of Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei such as “Hopi,” “Arapaho,” “Tuscarora,” “Tonto” and “Natchez.”

Do crepe myrtles come back every year?

Louisianians plant many crape myrtles in their landscapes every year. The lovely, long-lasting blooms make them attractive. … These flowers come on current-season growth, so late winter/early spring fertilization can aid crape myrtle flowering in the summer. It is not too late to fertilize this year if you haven’t yet.

How much room do crape myrtles need?

General Recommendations. Crape myrtles are fast-growing trees — often growing 24 inches or more in one season. Most varieties grow between 10 and 30 feet tall and 15 to 25 feet wide. They should be planted to accommodate their mature width with at least 15 feet between each shrub.

Do crape myrtles need full sun?

To help your crape myrtle look its very best… Crape myrtle needs full sun (6 or more hours per day) to thrive.

Can crape myrtles survive cold weather?

Most crape myrtle varieties are winter hardy to zone 7, which corresponds to a minimum winter temperature of 0° to 10° F. Depending on where you live in Ohio, you may be in zone 5 or 6, where crape myrtles will need some winter protection in order to survive.

How deep should you plant a crepe myrtle?

Dig a hole three to four times as wide as the container. You want to make it easy for the plant’s roots to grow outward. The hole should not be deeper than the height of the container.

What kills crepe myrtle?

Glyphosate kills virtually any plant it touches. Herbicides containing glyphosate may be painted on freshly cut stumps or sprayed onto the foliage to kill the crape myrtle. Trim the cut end of older stumps to expose the wood surface before applying glosphate. Spray the foliage and branches of intact crape myrtles.

Can crepe myrtle grow in Zone 10?

Crape myrtles are cold hardy – anywhere throughout Zone 9 or 10 is fine – but they are deciduous, with some varieties putting on a show of fall color before losing their leaves.

What is the best time to plant crepe myrtles?

Late fall to early spring is the best time to plant. But a lot of folks buy and plant their crepe myrtle in summer because they select it while it is blooming. That works too, but watering well during the summer months is crucial to transitioning it into your garden.

How fast does a crepe myrtle tree grow?

The common crape myrtle can reach a height of 15–25′ and a spread of 6–15′ at maturity. With ideal planting conditions this shrub grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year.

Do crape myrtles have deep roots?

Crepe myrtle roots do not sink taproots deep into the ground or send lateral roots out to crack anything in their path. In fact, the entire crepe myrtle root system is shallow and fibrous, spreading out horizontally up to three times as far as the canopy is wide. … The crepe myrtle is no exception.