Question: Which Is Nicer Edinburgh Or Glasgow?

Which is better to visit Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the place to see if you want history – the touristy stuff.

Glasgow is much more of a happening place.

As you’re relatively young, you might get more of a buzz from Glasgow so why not base yourself there and visit Edinburgh..

Is Edinburgh safer than Glasgow?

Glasgow, known for its pleasant streets at night, came in eight with 44% of people deeming it safe, and 38% unsafe. But the Scots who were polled put both Scottish cities higher, with 86% saying Edinburgh is safe and a whopping 68% thinking Glasgow is safe.

Is Edinburgh more expensive than Glasgow?

ECA said Edinburgh is the 45th most expensive city in Europe for rent, with a three-bed home costing £1,529 per month. Glasgow remains the cheapest in the UK, costing £1,050 per month. Aberdeen has seen a decline in average monthly rental costs, dropping by £190 to £1,235 per month.

Which is warmer Edinburgh or Glasgow?

You could start with Glasgow and then try Edinburgh. They are only 50 miles apart. … GLASGOW is also warmer, the West Coast city enjoys average temperatures which are far warmer than Edinburgh, the capital is also quite exposed to the Easterly Winds which increase the chill factor.

What is the most beautiful part of Scotland?

From coastlines to castles, here are Scotland’s top ten most beautiful places – as voted for by you.Rannoch Moor. … Edinburgh. … Orkney. … Bealach na Bà … Isle of Mull. … Loch Lomond. … Glen Coe. … The Isle of Skye. Not for the first time has the sublime drama of this Inner Hebridean island caused a fuss.More items…•

What is Glasgow famous for?

TOP ATTRACTIONS IN GLASGOW. Glasgow has transformed itself from an industrial city to one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow has a strong shipbuilding heritage with many ocean liners being constructed on the banks of the River Clyde.