Quick Answer: How Do You Know If A Solution Is Feasible?

What is feasible solution in greedy method?

General method: Given n inputs choose a sub- set that satisfies some constraints.

– A subset that satisfies the constraints is called a feasible solution.

– A feasible solution that maximises or min- imises a given (objective) function is said to be optimal..

What is meant by feasible solution?

A feasible solution is a set of values for the decision variables that satisfies all of the constraints in an optimization problem. The set of all feasible solutions defines the feasible region of the problem.

How do you identify a feasible region?

The feasible region is the region of the graph containing all the points that satisfy all the inequalities in a system. To graph the feasible region, first graph every inequality in the system. Then find the area where all the graphs overlap. That’s the feasible region.

What is feasible and optimal solution?

A nonnegative vector of variables that satisfies the constraints of (P) is called a feasible solution to the linear programming problem. A feasible solution that minimizes the objective function is called an optimal solution.

What is basic feasible solution in LPP?

In the theory of linear programming, a basic feasible solution (BFS) is a solution with a minimal set of non-zero variables. Geometrically, each BFS corresponds to a corner of the polyhedron of feasible solutions. If there exists an optimal solution, then there exists an optimal BFS.

What are the extreme points of the feasible region?

If a feasible region is empty (contains no points), then the constraints are inconsistent and the problem has no solution. The extreme points of a feasible region are those boundary points that are intersections of the straight-line boundary segments of the region.

How do you identify an infeasible solution in simplex method?

10. Infeasible solution exampleInfeasible solution. If there is no any solution that satifies all the constraints, then it is called Infeasible solution. … Example.Find solution using Simplex(BigM) method. MAX Z = 6×1 + 4×2. … Solution:Problem is. Max Z. … After introducing slack,surplus,artificial variables. Max Z.

What is the difference between feasible solution and basic feasible solution?

Degenerate basic feasible solution: A basic feasible solution where one or more of the basic variables is zero. … Feasible Solution: A solution that satisfies all the constraints. Feasible Region: The set of all feasible solutions, i.e., S.

What are the corner points of a feasible region?

The corner points are the vertices of the feasible region. Once you have the graph of the system of linear inequalities, then you can look at the graph and easily tell where the corner points are. You may need to solve a system of linear equations to find some of the coordinates of the points in the middle.