Quick Answer: How Do You Use Genial In A Sentence?

Is it instil or instill?

Instil is a spelling variant of the same word.

While instill is preferred in American English, instil is preferred in British English, where it has all of the same meanings.

Since instil is the preferred spelling in British English, it is common to see it in British and Australian publications..

What’s a word for being straightforward?

honest, frank, candid, open, truthful, sincere, on the level, honest-to-goodness. forthright, plain-speaking, direct, unambiguous, straight from the shoulder, downright, not afraid to call a spade a spade. informal upfront, on the square. North American informal two-fisted, on the up and up. archaic free-spoken, round.

What is the word forthright mean?

going straight to the point; frank; direct; outspoken: It’s sometimes difficult to be forthright and not give offense. proceeding in a straight course; direct; straightforward: a forthright glance.

How do you use instill in a sentence?

Instill in a Sentence 🔉The detective tried to instill fear in the suspect by telling him about the dangers of prison. … As a teacher, I am always eager to find ways to instill a love of learning in my students. … The leader hopes to instill voters with a passion for reorganizing the government.More items…

How do you use forthright in a sentence?

Examples of forthright in a Sentence Adjective she sometimes was a little too forthright for her own good and ended up saying things that inadvertently offended people I appreciate your forthright explanation of the situation.

What does the word genial?

warmly and pleasantly cheerful; cordial: a genial disposition; a genial host. favorable for life, growth, or comfort; pleasantly warm; comfortably mild: the genial climate of Hawaii.

What is a synonym for genial?

adjective. 1’Fred is genial and well liked’ SYNONYMS. friendly, affable, cordial, congenial, amiable, warm, easy-going, approachable, sympathetic, well disposed, good-natured, good-humoured, cheerful, cheery, neighbourly, hospitable, companionable, comradely, bluff, easy to get along with.

What means affable?

af·fa·ble. Use affable in a sentence. adjective. The definition of affable is a person who is friendly or easy to talk to. A person who makes you feel welcome is an example of an affable person.

What does it mean to instill something?

instill something (in/into somebody)Verb Forms. to gradually make someone feel, think, or behave in a particular way over a period of time to instill confidence/discipline/fear into someone. Check pronunciation: instill.

What does forthright mean?

forth·right. Use forthright in a sentence. adjective. The definition of forthright is a person, action or statement that is direct and straightforward. When you are not shy about stating your opinion and you say what you mean, this is an example of a forthright person.

What does culmination mean?

The culmination is the end point or final stage of something you’ve been working toward or something that’s been building up. The culmination of your high school career, for example, should be graduation day — and probably not prom night.