Quick Answer: Is Working At Walgreens A Good Job?

How long are Walgreens shifts?

5 to 8 hoursShifts are anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

Open 7 days a week.

The typical working hours are Part time .

ranging from 20 to 40 hours a week and is usually available..

What do Walgreens cashiers make?

Walgreens Cashier Hourly Pay. The typical Walgreens Cashier makes $10 per hour. Cashier hourly pay at Walgreens can range from $8 – $15. This estimate is based upon 172 Walgreens Cashier salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Does Walgreens hold your first check?

Yes, first 2 weeks.

Does Walgreens get paid weekly?

6 answers. Pay is biweekly. Walgreens pays management monthly. Hourly employees are biweekly.

Is it hard to get a job at Walgreens?

Walgreens has many entry-level positions, but they all require at least a few qualifications (such as a high school degree), so it’s not as easy for teenagers to get a job at this store.

Is Walgreens a good first job?

Some managers don’t hire people under the age of 18 because they wouldn’t be able to sell alcohol. It’s a good first job now because everyone starts out at $10/hr. It is definitely a good first job. …

Who pays more Walgreens or CVS?

CVS Health has 2,628 more total submitted salaries than Walgreens.

Is Walgreens a good place to work?

“Walgreens is a good company to work for, but definitely has a corporate vibe.” Walgreens provides many ways to advance your career with them, be it to a management position or the pharmacy route. … They have an open door policy that they make sure employees know about.

What pharmacy pays techs the most?

Best-Paying States for Pharmacy Techs$43,150.California. $42,610.Washington. $42,470.Oregon. $40,920.District of Columbia. $39,980.

What do Walgreens employees wear?

The cashiers and direct hitters wear a light blue polo shirt, short sleeved or long sleeved, with black pants (no jeans) and black shoes. The beauty advisors wear a pink shirt with a black smock over it. The assistant managers and shift leads wear a grey vest. The pharmacy techs wear light blue scrubs.

How much does Walgreens pay overnight?

The typical Walgreens Overnight Cashier makes $10 per hour. Overnight Cashier hourly pay at Walgreens can range from $8 – $12.

How many hours a day do pharmacy technicians work?

Technicians work the same hours as pharmacists. This may include evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Because some hospital and retail pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, technicians may work varying shifts. As their seniority increases, technicians often have increased control over the hours they work.

What benefits do Walgreens employees get?

Full benefits to full time employees. 401 K, medical, dental, vision, medical leave, and military leave. Excellent employee discounts. Atleast one half hour lunch break, and depending how many hours you are working that shift will give you a good number of fifteen minute breaks.

How much do they pay at CVS?

CVS SalariesJob TitleSalaryCVS Health CVS Cashier salaries – 164 salaries reported$10/hrCVS Health Cvs Pharmacy Tech salaries – 96 salaries reported$12/hrCVS Health Store Manager CVS salaries – 89 salaries reported$63,149/yrCVS Health CVS Pharmacy Shift Supervisor salaries – 70 salaries reported$13/hr16 more rows•Aug 30, 2020

Does Walgreens drug test on the spot?

Yes, random drug tests and an initial test.