Quick Answer: What Is CPT Code G0402?

What is the difference between g0402 and g0438?

G0402 – Welcome to Medicare Visit Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) is a preventive evaluation and management service; face-to-face visit.

physical checkup.” G0438 – Initial Annual Wellness Visit (AWV); including a personalized prevention plan of services; face-to-face visit..

Can g0439 and g0444 be billed together?

So yes, you can bill the G0444 if performed and documented with the G0439.

What is CPT g0444?

Annual depression screening code G0444. Medicare pays primary care practices to screen all Medicare patients annually for depression.

Can you bill 99213 and g0439 together?

Billing all three codes together is not appropriate coding. It is suggested to bill G0439, 99213-25 or 99396, 99213-25 as per visit and documentation.

What is CPT g0438?

G0439 Annual Wellness Visit, Subsequent (AWV) Annual Wellness Visits can be for either new or established patients as the code does not differentiate. The initial AWV, G0438, is performed on patients that have been enrolled with Medicare for more than one year. … This exam is billed using HCPCS code G0402.

What is CPT code g0403?

G0403 is a valid 2020 HCPCS code for Electrocardiogram, routine ecg with 12 leads; performed as a screening for the initial preventive physical examination with interpretation and report or just “Ekg for initial prevent exam” for short, used in Diagnostic laboratory.

What is included in g0402?

Coding procedure code G0402: Initial Preventive Physical Examination; face-to-face visit, services limited to a new patient during the first 12 months of Medicare enrollment. The screening EKG/ ECG is billable with HCPCS code(s) G0403,G0404, or G0405, when it is a result of a referral from an IPPE.

Does g0402 need a modifier?

CPT modifier -‐25 must be appended to the medically necessary E&M service identifying this service as a significant, separately identifiable service from the IPPE or AWV code reported (G0402, G0438 or G0439 whichever applies).

What is CPT code g0439?

CPT G0439 Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit is to be used in the subsequent years after the submission of G0438 (Initial annual wellness visit). Note: If the patient shifts from one physician to another physician code G0439 (Subsequent annual wellness visit) if you know the other physician already billed a G0438.

What is CPT code g0467?

G0467 – Federally qualified health center (fqhc) visit, established patient; a medically-necessary, face-to-face encounter (one-on-one) between an established patient and a fqhc practitioner during which time one or more fqhc services are rendered and includes a typical bundle of medicare-covered services that would be …

Can you bill g0444 with g0402?

Depression screening (G0444) not payable with this service. NOTE: G0402 is a one-time only code, only to be used for patients new to Medicare. … Alcohol (G0442) and Depression (G0444) screening can be billed with this service.

Can 99397 and g0439 be billed together?

Must meet the requirements and be billed with one of the following codes: CPTs 99381-99387 or 99391- 99397, or HCPCS G0402, G0438, G0439 Annual routine physical exam can be combined with IPPE and AWV.