Quick Answer: Why Is My IPod Playing The Same Song?

Why does my iPod keep playing the same songs on shuffle?


Since the heyday of the iPod, Apple has included controls for shuffling tracks, repeating playlists and albums and looping a song.

When the magenta button shows the arrows with a tiny 1 between them, the app will keep playing that one song.

Tap the Repeat button to turn it gray and turn off the setting..

Why does my iPod repeat songs?

While playing any song on your iPod, tap the artwork to bring up the scrubber bar and additional controls. On the left hand side is a option for repeat. You want to make sure this icon is white (meaning it is set to Off). If it isn’t tap it either one or two times to change its current setting.

How do I get my iPod to stop shuffling songs?

How to turn shuffle on or offTurn on shuffle: Tap the player at the bottom of the screen to open Now Playing, tap Playing Next , then tap Shuffle Off to turn Shuffle On . … Turn off shuffle: Tap the player at the bottom of the screen to open Now Playing, tap Playing Next , then tap Shuffle On to turn Shuffle Off .

How do I get my iPod nano to stop repeating songs?

To prevent your iPod nano from playing again the same song or group of songs, follow the same steps: From the Main Menu, click on “Settings” Scroll down to the Repeat option. Click once or twice, until you see “Repeat – Off” as the current choice.

How do I turn off shuffle on my iPod classic?

simply choose ‘off’ and click the centre button to confirm and this should turn shuffle off. You should also be able to set the Shuffle setting from the settings menu off the main menu of the iPod.

Can I put Apple music on my iPod touch?

Even though you stop being an Apple subscriber, these Apple music tracks are playable forever on your iPod devices. You can also use a USB to save and play the music on other platform like your car, your iPhone, Android phone as well as any tiny music player at ease.

How do I get my iPod to play continuously?

When you go to your playlist on your Iphone (Ipod,too, i guess also) click on SHUFFLE and when the song begins to play tap the album screen in the center of the screen. This should bring up another screen showing the song and the playing time, and the continuous, repeat loop (mine is on the left hand side).

Why does Apple music play the same songs?

Locating the repeat button in the Apple Music app The most obvious reason for songs to be repeating in the Music app is if the repeat function has been turned on. … When you open the Music app the repeat button isn’t actually visible on the standard-sized iPhone.

How do you turn off shuffle on iPod nano 7th generation?

Use “Shake to Shuffle”: When the screen is on, you can give iPod nano a quick shake to skip to a random song. If the screen is off, press the Sleep/Wake button before you shake. “Shake to Shuffle” is on by default, but you can turn it off in Settings > Music.

Why does iPod Nano repeat songs?

New Touch Screen Models From the “Now Playing” screen, tap the album art once. Controls will appear. You can swipe left or right between screens to display or hide the Repeat and Shuffle options. Tap the icon with arrows in a circle to toggle “Repeat” to on and repeat all songs in the current list.

How do I shuffle songs on iPod touch?

Tap the “Songs” icon on your nano home screen. If you are using an iPod Touch, open the “iPod” application. Navigate to the song list, playlist or album you want to play. Tap the “Shuffle” icon at the top of the list to activate the feature.

Why does Spotify repeat songs on shuffle?

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often Call this playlist metadata. If the metadata of songs played doesn’t match the count of the songs in the playlist, then find which songs haven’t been played yet. When the number of the two lists matches – metadata and playlist songs – then reset the counter of songs played.

Which iPod do I have?

You can most easily find your iPod Touch’s model number in small print on the bottom of the iPod Touch’s back surface. Compare the model number to the different generations. Your iPod Touch’s model number will determine its generation: A1574 — 6th Generation (2015 and up)

How do I stop iTunes from playing the next song?

There’s no command as such, but you can stop iTunes from playing after completing the current song by using the column browser to switch to any album other than the one of the current song. When the current song is done, iTunes will stop playing.