Why Does My Phone Only Ring Once?

Why did my phone just ring?

Sound like you may need to visit your phone carrier service center.

Who is your carrier, has this just started.

The ringing can be because you have something else (email, text, some app) set to use the same notification tone as your default ringtone..

Why does my iPhone 11 ring loud then soft?

Answer: A: That’s correct and you have Attention Aware turned on in settings. The reason is once a call comes in and you look at your phone, your phone knows you’ve engaged with it and it lowers the volume.

Can I change the number of rings on my iPhone?

Yes! You can now change the number of times that your iPhone rings before a call is sent to voicemail. This is a feature that is controlled by your carrier and you can call them and ask them to change it for you, or you can change it yourself.

Why does my iPhone only ring once?

If I understand correctly, you are having an issue with your iPhone XR only ringing once and then the sound notification stops when you receive a phone call. To help with this issue, please go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and turn off the Attention Aware Features option and test your issue again.

Why would a phone only ring once?

It’s your phone that is the problem! … So check your phone to see if it’s in Do Not Disturb mode. Restart your phone and then call it from another phone. Test to see if it goes to voicemail after one ring.